New English Words I Have Learned

Pre-drinks: Just like in the States we have “pre-gaming” here, it’s called pre-drinks!

Cheeky: So this one is a bit tricky. A flatmate of mine told me that “cheeky” is a term that varies depending on context. For instance, you might taunt or poke fun at a boy or girl that you are attracted to, or take a great liking towards. The typical scene we envision is the boy making a cunning jab at the girl and the girl playfully punching his arm “Ugh, shut up!” she squeals while smiling and flipping her hair. This would count as being “Cheeky.” In other cases, it could also just being mean in a witty manner. It’s basically the fine line between being a complete jerk and being a funny jerk.  

Chav: I heard this from a girl while socializing in my residence. I asked her what it meant and she described it as a guy who is “no good” and “from a bad neighborhood.” When I looked the word up it led me to a wikipedia page with a picture of a boy with a white shirt, puffed up at the collar, wearing a gold chain and plaid cap, staring at the camera with a cocky expression on his face. The page read “a young lower class person who displays brash and loutish behavior and wears real or imitation designer cloths.” 

Golliwog: A fictional character created by English cartoonist Florence Kate Upton (no relation to American model Kate Upton) that depicts a caricature of black people. It has black skin, thick frizzy hair and enlarged lips and is apparently a rag doll that is still being sold in stores??

Cheers:We say cheers to drinks, but here it’s a common general expression anywhere you go. I tried saying, but it doesn’t quite have the same charm with the American accent.

Love: This seems to be another general expression, when and Englishman says this to you, no, he is not hitting on you. This may be akin to a term of endearment like sweetheart, dear, etc.

Taking a piss out of: From what I have heard, this is making fun of or unnecessarily provoking? I heard this from a flatmate, chastising another flatmate for making fun of my inability to properly cook rice. 

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